Dr Scott B. McCabe

ADHD Assessments - Children and Adults 


These assessments are done through videoconferencing - no need to leave your home! You will need a device that has a camera and microphone.



An ADHD  assessment involves:

  • Completed background form, review of report cards and previous assessments (if applicable).
  • Electronic questionnaires. The number of questionnaires vary with the age of the client.
  • Clinical interview. This is a clinical, diagnostic interview with Dr. McCabe, the client and parents (if client is under age of 18). 
  • Full report with feedback.


The report will include a diagnosis (if there is one) and recommendations/next steps.


Call 519-880-2178 to book your assessment.



ADHD is a life-long condition that changes and evolves as a person ages. Adults frequently experience a decrease in the hyperactivity and impulsivity elements, but the inattention persists.

ADHD runs in families and has a genetic basis. Children with ADHD are 2 to 8 times more likely to have a sibling with ADHD or a parent with ADHD.




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