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Psychoeducational Assessments - Elementary through Post Secondary

Plan ahead - Update your assessment before going to high school or post secondary school. Assessments expire!




Call today to book a Psychoeducational Assessment. Assessments take time, don't wait until the last minute.  Does your child have an IEP in high school and have they applied to post secondary school?  Remember to update their assessment before they go off to school.



A thorough and extensive psychoeducational assessment (also called a psych-ed, a psycho-ed, or an Educational Assessment or even a Learning Disabilities assessment) is important to your child's education. We offer a variety of assessment strategies and a detailed written report to explain the support your child may need in their educational setting. You will meet with Dr. McCabe initially and then with a team of psychometrists available to complete the tests, the assessment will be completed thoroughly over a few meetings. Dr. McCabe will provide feedback to you regarding the outcome, and will also go to a school meeting to meet with the teaching team and parents to develop a thorough understanding and implications of the results.It is important to have an updated (adult) assessment for students needing accommodations at post-secondary school.


Related to the psychoeducational assessment is assessment for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD or ADD as it is sometimes called). Assessment for ADHD is done in conjunction with a psycho-ed, but can also be completed separately.


Counselling is also offered at our office. We are committed to providing you with excellent psychological care. Short term or long term we can help you reach your potential.



Often your family doctor may suggest a psychologist but a referral isn't necessary.  Although not OHIP covered, many benefit plans recognize the importance of good mental health and provide coverage for psychological services.


Call our office today, 519-880-2178, and let us help you.


Also Providers of:


  • CogMed - A 5 - 8  week working memory training program that is evidence based to improve memory. Done in the comfort of your home you will receive the full support of our trained staff in order to maximize your learning.


Cogmed, ADHD, ADD, Working Memory




Psychoeducational Assessment in Kitchener Waterloo





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