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Psychoeducational Assessments

Learning Disabilities, Giftedness, ADHD Assessments


ADHD assessments (child and adult)  are currently available through video conferencing and electronic questionnaires. Call the office 519-880-2178 to book your assessment.


ADHD  Assessments involve an Interview and standardized questionnaires that can formally identify Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD & ADHD).  A formal assessment will assist in accessing community supports and programs. At your feedback meeting you will also receive a written report.



Psycho-educational assessments formally identify giftedness & learning disabilities in children & adults.  Our comprehensive assessments identify strengths & deficits necessary for a successful educational experience. An assessment involves interviews, standardized testing and questionnaires.  Our detailed, written report can be shared with educational facilities to ensure identified strategies & recommendations can be implementedHas your child's school indicated that they aren't working to their fullest potential? 


Does your child study and work hard, yet their grades do not reflect their efforts? 

It may be that there is a learning disability that is hampering their learning. 

A psychoeducatlonal assessment can identify learning disabilities.  Once strengths and deficits are identified, different teaching strategies may better suit your child's learning.  The assessment will offer recommendations to provide the support your child needs.

An Educational Assessment is the first step to offering support to your child so our service includes a school meeting (if parent's wish) to review the assessment with school staff to ensure everyone is committed to providing the support and strategies to support your child.



Assessments need to be up to date for post secondary institutes.  This means less than 3 years old.




Contact the office:  519-880-2178.  You can leave a confidential voice mail, if you get the answering machine.  We strive to call back within 24 hours, often though it is same day.

You can also email Cheryl, the office manager: office@drmccabe.ca














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