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Psychoeducational Assessments

Learning Disorders, High Functioning Autism, ADHD,  & Giftedness


Has your child's school indicated that they aren't working to their fullest potential?  

Does your child study and work hard, yet their grades do not reflect their efforts? 

It may be that there is a learning disorder that is hampering their learning. 

A psychoeducatlonal assessment can identify learning disorders.  Once strengths and deficits are identified, different teaching strategies may better suit your child's learning.  The assessment will offer recommendations to provide the support your child needs.


A psychoeducational assessment is the first step to offering support to your child so our service includes a school meeting (if parent's wish) to review the assessment with school staff to ensure everyone is committed to providing the support and strategies to support your child. Currently school feedbacks are also completed through video conference.


Psychoeducational assessments formally identify giftedness,learning disorders, ADHD, and high functioning autism in children & adults.  Our comprehensive assessments identify strengths and deficits necessary for a successful educational experience.


  • An assessment involves videoconference intake interview, with Dr. McCabe. The clinical interview will involve reviewing historical information, current concerns and screening for ADHD, ASD, depression, anxiety among other diagnoses.
  • Electronic questionnaires are completed by client, parents and teachers (based on client's age).
  • Additional questionnaires may be required after the initial, clinical interview.
  • The standardized testing is completed in person.
  • Based on the age of the person, testing is completed in 2 or 3 blocks of time on site at 279 Weber St., North in Waterloo.
  • The feedback is through videoconference with Dr. McCabe. He will go through the findings, explain the results, and include recommendations for next steps.  The detailed, full report is then password protected and emailed to you. This can then be shared directly between client and other professionals.

Our detailed, written report can be shared with educational facilities to ensure identified strategies & recommendations can be implemented.


Assessments need to be up to date for post secondary institutes.  















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