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My child can’t read!

If you have seen your child’s recent report card or spoken to his/her teacher and been told that they are significantly behind in their reading, they may have a learning disability (a Specific Learning Disorder). Inability to read is usually not because your child is not intelligent enough but because they learn differently than other children. The teacher may say your child needs an assessment (also known as a psychoeducational assessment, an educational assessment, or even a psycho-ed) in order to determine their specific needs. As a result of having an assessment, a psychologist is able to identify the level of severity of any problem with reading and suggest accommodations, remediation, or modification in your child’s programming at school. This can include special reading programs, tutoring, or technology. Technology is fast becoming incredibly important in helping many students and there are remarkable computer programs that will assist with reading and/or writing (e.g., Google Read & Write, Kurzweil). In fact this blog is being written using technology that allows me to simply talk and have what I say typed in my word processing program (I use Dragon Naturally Speaking, a voice-to-text program). If your child is having reading problems, call our office today 519-880-2178  and we can arrange an immediate assessment. Don’t leave your child behind in their education when they can be assisted by an assessment today.

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Dr. Scott B. McCabe
February 24, 2018
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