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Mental Health and Illness at Work

500,000 people missed work today due to mental illness (Partners in Mental Health)!

In January 2013, the National Standard on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace was launched in Canada.  This National Standard focuses on mental illness prevention and mental health promotion at work and recognizes that mental health and safety is just as important as physical health and safety at work.  Currently, companies can follow the standard voluntarily as it represents an excellent starting point for them to protect their own employees from mental health difficulties and harm.  Research has shown that mental illness results in a loss of productivity and therefore, while many companies care for their employees on a personal level, it also makes economic sense for them to provide mental health support.  To learn more about the National Standard visit:  A Mentally Healthy Workplace for All.

In order to increase awareness of the National Standard, Partners for Mental Health have launched the “Not Myself Today” campaign designed to educate and engage Canadians in the issue of mental health in the workplace.  As part of this campaign,  Partners in Mental Health encouraged companies to hold a “Not Myself Day @ Work” on June 6th, 2013.  This movement encourages workplaces to create mentally healthy work sites and to have supports available for employees who require them.  By increasing awareness about mental health within the company, employees may be better able to take care of themselves and look out for their co-workers.   The goal is for people to feel comfortable talking about their mental health struggles, less alone, as well as greater awareness of the supports that are available in their own workplace, thus reducing mental health-related absences and disability claims.  

The Not Myself Today movement encourages open communication regarding mental health needs.  Employees have taken to the website Not Myself Today to share their own struggles with mental illness.  Visit the website to learn more about this fantastic mental health initiative.

If you’re not feeling yourself today, we’d love to help.  Call our office at 519-880-2178 to book an appointment.

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Dr. Scott B. McCabe
February 24, 2018
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