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Does it seem like a long winter?  I often hear my clients say: “Is it over yet? Enough already! I am so done with winter!”  You don’t have to lament the snow, long for spring or a southern vacation to warmer climates. In my opinion we are experiencing a great winter; some people say it is just like the “old days.”  The snow is actually a good thing.  Here are a few benefits:
Farmers need snow!  They need snow to blanket their fields so that when it all melts in the spring, their fields are properly irrigated and ready for planting.  It also reduces the survival rate of some pests (e.g., mosquitos). If you are a boater, like me, you will be the beneficiary of higher water levels in the lakes (provided we get a gradual thaw).
There are also various industries that need snow for survival.  Many ski resorts across North America have been struggling for years now to make the most of a difficult situation. Back in the winter of 2006/2007 Ontario’s largest ski resort Blue Mountain was actually forced to completely shut down for a period of almost 2 weeks between the end of December and early January (an Ontario “High Season”).
Many businesses count on snow to provide work for their families.  Snow plow removal operators, retailers of winter equipment such as snow blowers and shovels, road salt suppliers and more all require snow to maintain their business.
Now what to do if you still feel like winter has been too long and cold?  How about volunteer somewhere, plan and throw a party, read a book off the top seller list, embrace a winter sport, build a snowman?  You can add greenery to your home with new houseplants.  If you really feel significant effects; beyond normal reactions to less sunlight, outdoor activity, and socializing with friend and think you may have a mood disorder or seasonal affective disorder (SADS; make sure you are diagnosed by a professional) buy a Light Treatment Box, or full spectrum light bulb, or make an appointment with your psychologist to help.
Most of all, remember we have never had snow in July in the Waterloo Region.

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Dr. Scott B. McCabe
February 24, 2018
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