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Are these interchangeable?  Often my clients tell me they want to be happy but is that the goal?  What if the goal was to be content?  Don’t confuse content with complacent though.  Content means to satisfied with what one has or is, not wanting more or anything else.  The satisfaction aspect can be a work in progress as a person works towards a fulfilling life.  Along the way there will be pockets of happy that when put together provide us with the contentment or satisfaction of having achieved changes or goals. The term happy seems to put internal and external pressures on people.  They want to be seen as happy but what if we turned our thinking around and said, ‘I would like to be content.’  There would be a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction in every day tasks. For a person suffering from depression it could be the accomplishment of getting out of bed and having a shower.   Certainly they should be content with themselves as this can be a monumental task some days.  Maybe with enough content moments we will recognize our happy too and take time to appreciate what makes us happy but without allowing ourselves to be content we could be closing the door to happy.

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Dr. Scott B. McCabe
February 24, 2018
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