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Learning Disabilities Awareness Month
A learning disability is a neurological disorder. It affects about 15% of the population. It causes difficulty in the acquisition of information and presents in difficulties reading, writing, spelling, reasoning, recalling, and organizing information. A learning disability is not a deficit in intellectual ability, but a difference in the way one learns.
Generally, if someone has a learning disability, difficulties have been life-long, although their effects may be expressed differently over time. It is important to realize that learning disabilities are not caused by cultural or language differences, inadequate or inappropriate instruction, socio-economic status or lack of motivation. We may mistake a disability for laziness or lack of caring.
To be successful, people with learning disabilities usually require specialized interventions in the home, school, community and workplace settings appropriate to their individual strengths and needs. These can include: access to specific skill instruction, the development of compensatory strategies (e.g., study skills and/or adaptive technology), the development of self-advocacy skills, and the use of academic accommodations. Many learning institutions and work places require formal identification of learning disabilities.  Once identified, the interventions can be implemented. The first step to formal identification is to have a thorough Psychoeducational Assessment completed.  We would be happy to help in this first step; please contact our office to learn more about the value of an assessment.

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Dr. Scott B. McCabe
February 24, 2018
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