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FAQ about Psychoeducational Assessments and Therapy


Are your services covered by OHIP?

No, psychological services are not covered by OHIP and are paid by the client.  However, often a person's workplace has coverage through their benefit plan (third party insurance).  Please check with your benefit plan to review your own coverage.  We do accept Visa & MasterCard.


How long is a therapy appointment?

An appointment is 50 minutes long.  The additional 10 minutes is used to update notes and prepare for sessions.  This help keeps everyone's appointments on time.


I called the office but I only got the answering machine.  When will you call me back?

Sorry to have missed your call.  We will call you back promptly, usually the same business day.  If you called after 4:00 or on the weekend, your call will be returned the next business day.  We have testing days Monday-Friday, counselling days Wednesday and Thursday and initial appointments or feedbacks with Dr. McCabe Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.


I am more comfortable with email.  Can I email instead of calling?

Certainly, you can email our Office Manager, Cheryl,  at office@drmccabe.ca.


My child's school has recommended a psychoeducational assessment but I don't know the next steps.

Please call us.  Our office manager, Cheryl, will be able to answer many of your questions and help you set up the appointments.


Why don't you test after school?

The testing can be tiring for children and we want them to be able to work to their fullest potential while they are here. Our experience over the years indicates that testing after school it too hard for children.


It seems to take a long time to do the assessment, why?

This is an important process that involves multiple appointments that can not be done in one or two weeks along with review of material. It may be necessary for a secondary interview to clarify information or additional unexpected testing. The quality of the report is worth the process.






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