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Organization links that you may find useful.


ADDitude web site This website offers resources, current research, tips and webinars. They have a quarterly magazine as well.


Geneva Centre for Autism An excellent website with support for individuals with ASD and their families. Although based in Toronto, there are numerous links regarding services, training, and resources.


Canadian Mental Health Association This organization is designed to help people with mental illness and promote mental health. It is a resource for information related to mental health, describes various illnesses, and identifies services that can be of assistance to individuals. This is a great place to learn about symptoms of various illnesses in order to understand problems and dispel myths.


Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario This is a wonderful page explaining almost everything there is to know about learning disabilities. They have links to everything from ADHD to Written Expression Disorders. They provide research, education, and services to advance the lives of people (children and adults) living with learning disabilities. 







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