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We read a number of books in hope that they may be helpful to our clients as resources. Follow this link to see some of Dr. McCabe's recommendations.

Organization links that you may find useful.



Canadian Psychological Association

The CPA is similar to the APA page, except of course, the content is Canadian. It explains about psychologists, how to find us and what we do. It has all kinds of information for students who want to be psychologists. There are also many important news releases. Finally, there is even a section on Psychology Month in Canada (did you know we had one?). Did you know one in five Canadians has a mental illness, and two of three who do, never seek help for it!


Canadian Mental Health Association

This organization is designed to help people with mental illness and promote mental health. It is a resource for information related to mental health, describes various illnesses, and identifies services that can be of assistance to individuals. This is a great place to learn about symptoms of various illnesses in order to understand problems and dispel myths.


Mental Health Helpline

If you need to talk to someone NOW this is the place to call. They are open 24/7 and have "live answer" (no electronic voice mail) and everything is confidential. When you can't reach your therapist, or you just need to talk to someone, or if you are feeling suicidal, this is the place to call. They even have a link that allows you to take an on-line quiz that is monitored by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health if you are wondering if you have a mental health problem.


Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario

This is a wonderful page explaining almost everything there is to know about learning disabilities. They have links to everything from ADHD to Written Expression Disorders. They provide research, education, and services to advance the lives of people (children and adults) living with learning disabilities. 



Blog for ABC (Associate for Bright Children) Waterloo Chapter

This group helps support and advocate for bright and gifted learners. It is an all volunteer association who help parents of such children through newsletters, networks, and an annual lecture.



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