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Psychoeducational Assessments - Learning Disability and Giftedness

These assessments are often called by many names: Psycho-ed, Educational, and Psychoeducational.  An educator may request an assessment for a student to identify their learning strengths and deficits.

Parents may request an assessment to identify difficulties their child may be experiencing in order to support their educational experience.  It is not unusual to hear parents say, 'he knows it, he just can't write it down.' Students will say, 'I studied really hard but when I got into the test, I forgot everything.' An assessment can help identify the frustrations and work towards solutions.

We take great pride in a thorough assessment for the client that involves standardized testing and questionnaires.  There are several appointments required to complete an educational assessment, including initial interview and feedback meetings.  Parents do not need to stay on site while the child is completing the testing appointments.


Testing is completed at the office during the day.We recognize that secondary and post secondary students benefit from the flexibility of completing the assessment around their classes.  



Individuals who request this assessment meet with Dr. McCabe for an intake interview and are required to complete a number of standardized self-report measures. We offer paper or electronic versions of the questionnaires.When the report is completed, you will meet with Dr. McCabe for feedback and to receive your report.














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